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Some links, pour vous. 

The War on Waste came back (or never left, for some of us). Watch all four episodes on iview if you missed the series. In the follow up episode broadcast earlier this month, host Craig Reucassel revisits the issues to find out whether the series had any impact on Australian behaviour. Here’s a link to the survey results (over 36,000 people participated!).

Meanwhile, in Canada, the folks are nice, but very trashy (which I’ve mentioned before). Here’s look at how Toronto’s highly efficient waste management actually obscures the dirty truth from the worse wasters.

A community fridge project in New Zealand, one year later.

Glitter is gaining attention as the next target for micro plastic bans.

This TED talk asks us to reconsider the apocalypse language and scientific jargon to be more persuasive in communicating environmental issues. Completely agree, and part of this relates to who we are speaking to. What works on early adopters doesn’t work for the critical masses (this is a general rule of thumb for social diffusion) who are more attuned to what friends and neighbours say, than scientific evidence.

I replace a whole slew of commercially marketed cleaning products with vinegar. It’s surprisingly effective, but don’t dilute if you want the bacteria killing action.

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