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Happy Sunday folks.

Noticing nature, even in small doses, improves one’s “willingness to share resources and the value placed on community” says a new study out of UBC. Here’s more from different research into the relationship between wellbeing and indoor plants. As if I needed another excuse.

Did you hear about the surfer who built a surfboard with 10,000 cigarette butts? Here’s a video if you want to see how he did it. 

Paris has been making other cities look bad since way back, and now again by putting sparkling water fountains around the city. It’s part of an initiative to encourage Parisians to choose tap water over bottled. Sydney, let’s do this!

A good example of the value of tapping into existing motivations, rather than trying to change a person’s motivations, or ‘motivate’ them.

Return and Earn – the container deposit scheme for NSW kicks off next week!

It’s been a year since California kicked the plastic grocery bag habit and here’s what’s happened since.  And here’s what changed in Canberra in the five years after the ACT banned plastic bags.

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