Quick links and long reads

A roundup of links. 

The case against long, murky supply chains.

How one innovative brand is using blockchain to enable transparency in sourcing.

And on that debate about fibres. “If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, there is only one thing you need to remember: use your clothes until they are worn out.  That is more important than all other aspects, such as how and where the clothes were manufactured and the materials they are made of” – Sandra Roos, researcher.

Can we design cities that make us kinder?

Men who feel secure in their manhood are more comfortable going green. And vice versa.

The behavioural economics of recycling.

Sneakers from recycled chewing gum. And here’s how two Indian entrepreneurs are cleverly recycling shoes.

With China effectively banning low quality recyclable materials, local governments around world are struggling with how to clean up their recycling streams. In Canada, co-mingled recycling programs are associated with significantly higher contamination rates.

Even Theresa May wants to see the end of single use plastic.

I appreciate the ACCC, and this is an interesting case taking on unsubstantiated environmental claims. So is this one.

3 thoughts on “Quick links and long reads

  1. I’d love fewer links but more posts 🙂 Just a thought.

    Very interesting content. I’m a little curious how the shoes ended up back in those bubble gum colours – only cause my inherent knowledge that trashed gum is black or white… so much dye, but it makes a mental link back to the gum, so I get it.

    I’m worried about my current dog food tins – they are super clingy (the food to the can) whereas other brands have more fat, and slip out more cleanly. So I might need to change what I purchase. But I do try to rinse them, however I don’t want to use utensils I would clean human food things with.

    I do recycle whether it’s half a piece of torn paper or a whole! But that’s just me.

  2. Thanks Sarah, me too HA! I am cheating a bit with these links I know….Now that my life is more or less back on track after a bumpy couple of months I will try to publish actual posts again 🙂

    I think you’re exactly right about the pink soles. I was going to caption something about that, but didn’t want to give it away. I recently went to a workshop with Les Robinson, Mr. Changeology himself, and we talked how to nail communications for sustainability (or anything really). It’s a lot to do with whether we can lodge a visual into someone’s long term memory. To do that, it helps to create surprise and paint a strong mental image. Bubblegum shoes tick those boxes.

    In fact, I need to get around to writing about the workshop – Les is as wise as his book and blog suggest.

    What if you used grey water to soak the tins? Like laundry soak water. Would that get the last bits off?

    1. SOaking hasn’t worked (tell me how I know – oh those rust ring stains on the sink, that’s right…) and leaving them out means the birds get up and in the business and poop everywhere. And leaving it to the dog would be ok, but I’ve noticed her ears scabbing lately and can’t work out why it might be happening, but a sharp can doesn’t seem smart.

      Thanks for such a long reply!

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