How to recycle beer caps

If you drink beer from glass bottles, you can recycle the metal lids.

Each beer or kombucha lid is approximately 3 grams of steel. To put this in perspective, my favourite kitchen knife is also made of steel, and weighs 124g. A mere 41 bottle caps to make a knife!

For every tonne of steel we recycle, we save*:

  • 1,131kg of iron ore
  • 633kg of coal
  • 54kg of limestone

Trouble is, metal beer lids are too small for many recycling facilities. The best way to recycle them is to collect them in a larger container of the same material to ensure they are captured and processed by the sorting equipment. But what could that be?

The way to tell if something is steel is to see if a fridge magnet sticks.

Food cans are made of stainless steel. I know, I know, BPA. Living dangerously, but realistically over here. We eat canned food occasionally. If you don’t have a tin around, I’m sure there’s one in your neighbour’s recycling.

We use an empty food can to collect beer caps. When the can is half full of lids, crimp the top to secure the contents and pop it in the curbside recycling bin. The concept of like-with-like works for aluminium as well.

recycle metal beer lids


2 thoughts on “How to recycle beer caps

    I’ve literally discovered your blog on a whim today and I’m already in love! I’ve just popped down to my local and found everything I need for your balm and deordant. I’m in for a fun night! Also this morning I literally picked through my landfill bin in the kitchen (I was proud that it had very few things in it but I went back to resort) to pull out the batteries and the light globe my housemate tossed out… but I stared at the beer caps and was stumped as I remembered that they were too small for the recycling facility! So stoked you’ve posted this. It makes so much sense and I love it because I love beer haha.
    Legend, keep it up.

    1. I’m so glad to hear it helped Yvette! Let me know how you like the balm and thanks for your kind words 🙂

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