Camposting – compost on the go.

Camposting is the art of composting while away from home (or while camping).

The thing about composting is that once you start, it feels so good and right that it becomes impossible not to do it all the time. But alas, compost bins aren’t (yet) on every street corner, or even hazily considered by the vast majority.

So then, what to do when you’re out and about and need to dispose of your food scraps in a way that will benefit future generations rather than contribute to methane production in landfill?

Pack it in, pack it out.

campost jar
Sort of beautiful, no?

In my dreams, city councils and businesses would provide compost bins for organics disposal.The contents would supply urban farms with nutrients to enrich growing soil, and we’d all eat hyper-local food without the need for synthetic fertilisers, which are an extremely potent driver of climate change.

Since this utopian dream is clearly not (yet) realised, composting on-the-go involves bringing your bits back home to be composted.

If you take a lunch to work (in a reusable container, obvy), just reuse it to bring scraps back home. If you camp, bring an extra container with a good seal to avoid leaks.

File this one under #tooeasy.

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