A zero waste treat to make at home and take anywhere

zero waste snacks

Craving a Snickers or some other packaged treat? Try making these plastic free morsels instead.

All you need to make these tasty treats are medjool dates, peanuts, peanut butter and chocolate buttons. It’s hard to beat the dreamy caramel texture of a medjool. Chocolate goes on the inside, so they are like inside out chocolate bars. I like salted peanuts in this recipe, because why hold back here. 

To make, slice open the date, remove the pit, smear on some peanut butter, then add your peanuts and chocolate. No baking and no bowls or appliances to clean. You’re welcome. 

They hold together nicely on strenuous hikes, or casual strolls around the kitchen. They’re no better for you calorically than their packaged counterparts, although you could argue they are slightly less processed. I like to make a batch and store them in the freezer, ever at the ready for a weekend adventure. Everything I need to make them comes from any bulk food shop around Sydney. 

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