A few things

A few things that pleased me and didn’t create any waste. 

The theme to my week was local food, grown and shared. Case in point, my friend Serena gifted me five enormous avocados from the tree in her Bondi backyard.

Sometimes, hoarding pays. I realized this sprayer top perfectly fits a small amber glass container whose rubber dropper top had disintegrated. I’d been hanging on to both. A perfect vessel for a peppermint essential oil and water room spray. 

I made it to a crop swap at Pocket City Farms and left with armfuls of swapped goodies, including kale, green beans, lemongrass, oregano, curry leaf seedlings, cuttings of dragonfruit and elderflower, and so much more. You can also buy produce grown on site from the farm stand near the entrance. I paired this pungent bouquet of basil with the tomatoes in a salad later that day. Tasted of summer.



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