A few things

A few things that both pleased me and didn’t create any waste

This Thursday I’ll be leading a discussion after a screening of the documentary Recipes for Disaster, in which the filmmaker and his family give up oil products for a year. The exercise explores how his decision affects his family, and his relationships. Things gets a bit tense. Admittedly, the filmmaker goes way further than I generally do, but all the same, it’s great topic to crack open – how will the changes you make in your life impact on those around you?

Some unpackaged soap I like to call ‘Weekend in Bondi’. Also, the coconut scrubby it’s sitting on makes an excellent soap dish.

A recent market haul that was waste free, even if the goods don’t appear to be hyperlocal (although Aussie seasonality continues to confuse me). The egg man traded me for my empty carton, the bread man gave me a discount for having my own bag, and the fruit man gave me the bananas for free. I picked the rosemary on the way home, roadside.


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