Zero waste snack: roasted pumpkin seeds

roasted pumpkin seeds

Don’t toss your pumpkin seeds – when roasted they’re a delicious and easy Zero Waste snack.

On pumpkins: from sceptic to superfan

Growing up, I was not a fan of pumpkins. The only pumpkins I liked were Smashing, made into pie or used for halloween decor. Wedges of orange flesh, even dressed up with brown sugar was never something I’d voluntarily eat. Sorry Mom, file that one with your peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the She’s Not Having It folder.

I’m sure my mother is delighted to know that nowadays I am a big fan of all kinds of pumpkins. I’m not sure why it changed exactly. All of a sudden I started to like them, alongside the previously despised brassicas, beets, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini… you get the picture. Maybe it was something in the preparation, or simply a maturing of my taste buds. I don’t like Corn Pops cereal anymore, so there.

I should perhaps clarify: In Australia, they call anything a pumpkin that Canadians would call winter squash.

Whatever you call them, they are brilliant roasted, blended for soup or cubed into slow cooked curries. Kabocha and butternut are my favourites.

I now eat plenty of pumpkin, including the skins. I even eat the flowers when I can get my hands on them. But something I’ve never ever had a problem with are the seeds. My mom used to toast them after we’d scooped them out of our jack-o-lanterns. Tasty, crunchy snacks that also happen to be Zero Waste. But you don’t need to wait for Halloween to make these – you can roast the seeds of any pumpkin or squash to similar effect.

How to make roasted pumpkin seeds

It’s really too easy.

When you eat any pumpkin, scoop out the seeds, remove any large fleshy bits from the seeds with your fingers, toss them in a bit of oil of your choice and a sprinkle of salt and roast for 15 minutes in an oven on medium heat (180 C/ 350 F).

Sometimes I add smoked paprika or garam masala in addition to salt. These are nice on salads or just eaten warm out of the oven. Choose your own adventure.

At bulk wholefoods stores, you’ll see pumpkin seeds under the name pepitas. These are simply pumpkin seeds that are bred without shells, or shelled. If you cracked the seed husks in most pumpkins, you’d find a similar green seed. This is possible to do at home but let’s be honest, who wants to bother with all that. You certainly don’t need to for this recipe.

Here’s to happy snacking, without the wrapping. 

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