The year that was 2017

In 2017 I welcomed many thousands of visitors through these pages. I even met a few of you in person and it made my day. I enjoy writing as a creative outlet, and because I feel compelled to explore the idea of waste and share what I learn. My enthusiasm outstrips my talent and I have 41 posts from last year to prove it, on worm composting, food experiments, food waste hacks (here, here, and here for example), energy savings, my Plastic Free July, how to make beeswax wraps, and fermenting. I also celebrated hyper-local foods like the neighbourhood olives I foraged, processed and made into tapenade. I let you in on you how I take care of my hair (i.e. barely), my trusted deodorant recipe, a neat trick to make your toilet bowl gleam, and a super simple lip balm recipe. I read some interesting books which I haven’t yet posted about, but will shortly. I started posting a few things that made me happy and didn’t create waste as outtakes from the day to day, and I also started rounding up quick links and long reads that I thought you might also enjoy.

Lots more happened that I didn’t get around to writing about. Little successes, big ideas in the works, community collaboration projects, and more. At time of writing, 80 posts sit in draft – more than articles published in my few years of blogging, and there are even more in my head. Many are ready, but for some decent imagery. Others are half-formed thoughts or outlines for posts. The thing about writing, when you can write anything you want, is that some posts flow out of the brain and onto the keyboard like sweet, sweet honey, and other don’t. The latter are those where the topic is big and my words are imprecise. I’d love to finish them all and push ’em out, but time is limited. Turns out I’m my most productive when I’m supposed to be doing something else. Or the inspiration strikes when I’m nowhere near a screen, so it’s jotted onto a scrap of paper, or into the Wunderlist app. I work full time, participate in various other community sustainability initiatives, and face the usual demands of friends of family. Also, the lighting is rarely good in my apartment to get those pics. On the plus side, these mild constraints are training in letting go and hitting publish. Posting is a form of resilience therapy for the type of perfectionism that never involves making anything perfect and often involves avoiding something altogether out of fear of imperfect. I assume this practise will eventually make me a better writer and thinker.

And then there’s always the balance of doing to enjoying vs. doing to documenting. I still enjoy documenting (if only so I can remember what I was up to) but I seek presence. Over the summer break, closing out 2017 and transitioning into 2018, I made a point of staying away from the computer and the phone, and instead spent time in nature, with people and playing in the kitchen.

If you’re reading this, thank you for visiting. In 2018, you can expect more posts about compost, food, experiences, local resources and really any old thing that seems related to reducing waste that I get around to posting about. ‘How To’ topics were quite popular, and I hope very achievable for anyone who tried making anything I wrote about, so I’ll carry on when I think there is a recipe or a technique that I’m excited about. I’ll always try to keep it as simple as possible, because low waste living should be easy, if not fun.

Happy 2018 friends.

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  1. Thanks for your blog, Liz! I enjoyed many of your posts last year and enjoyed hearing you speak at the ‘Clean Bin Project’ film at Bondi Pavilion. I’m looking forward to seeing what you share on 2018!

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