Moving or travelling to Sydney, Australia? Here are some local resources to help you get started to compost, reduce, reuse, recycle and shop with less waste.

Shop for food zero waste

Bulk food stores are listed in detail on this page of my site 

Farmer’s markets listed by day of the week

Looking for something local? Tap into the braintrust on the Zero Waste Sydney Facebook group 

Compost your food scraps

Sharewaste is an app that connects you to those nearby who have compost drop spots.

Ask a question about compost or worms or find someone to take your food scraps on the Compost Exchange, a Sydney-based Facebook group.

Compost Revolution is a program available in many council areas across Australia where the cost of composting equipment is subsidised.

Community City Farms and Community Gardens map – some will offer compost drop offs to community members.

Rehome housewares and clothing

OpShops are secondhand shops run by charitable organisations. In Sydney some of the common shops are Vinnie’s, Red Cross and Salvos,

There is an active culture of buy, sell or swap groups on Facebook, typically by region (Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, etc.).

Sell or give away for free on Gumtree.

Resell your clothing on Carousell.

The Relove Movement hosts regular clothing swaps in the Eastern Suburbs.

Recycle and repair

All of the following are free resources:

For everything else, try and search by material. Or check with your local council, as each is a bit different. Or tap into the braintrust on the Zero Waste Sydney Facebook group 

Borrow and share

Toy libraries

Sydney LETS – buy, sell or provide services without money

The Sharing Map – access Sydney’s shared resources using this interactive map.

Get involved

Transition Bondi hosts film nights, workshops and more in the Bondi area.

Pocket City Farms hosts events every week, and well worth a visit.

Responsible Runners host weekly social beach cleanups all over Sydney.

Boomerang Bags volunteers upcycle scrap material into reusable bags for the community to share. Find your nearest group.

Crop Swap Sydney hosts monthly swaps of back yard produce. Everyone is invited, even if you just wish you had a back yard.

Youth Food Movement often hosts events that are great for young adults.

If there is a great resource you know about, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the page.