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A bunch of stuff I read or watched lately. 

2 thoughts on “Quick links and long reads

  1. Hello from the U.S. After looking at the Four Corners segment you linked, I wondered if we have a glass recycling problem here, too. Turns out yes, we do. Disappointing all around.

  2. Yes, it’s a good reminder that we simply use too much virgin material, whether glass, plastic, paper or otherwise. As discouraging as it is to learn both of the lack of local processing capabilities as well as the outright recklessness of the some humans on the show (dumping asbestos in the RIVER!?), there is some comfort in what feels like a groundswell of support for waste reduction efforts here. It catalysed with the War on Waste series and now it’s becoming a mainstream moral issue, I think, as we learn that landfills are far from benign. I’m surprised the US, being such a large market, would be able to process the glass properly somewhere, but I suppose the same economic forces are at work everywhere!

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