How I store bread without plastic

how to store bread without plastic

Here’s what I do to make my bread last the week.

Keeping bread fresh has as much to do with the loaf’s quality as how we store it. If you opt for sawdust supermarket bread, I can’t help, except to suggest remedial bread choosing school. I’m convinced that bread made from sourdough starter (with a cracking crust and a moist interior) not only tastes bests, but lasts longest.

I’ll carry my beautiful sourdough bread home in a reusable cloth bag, then wrap the lot in a large beeswax wrap. The one I use is a large square shape about 50cm x 50cm made with a beeswax only formula, no resin. It doesn’t need to be a sticky style of wrap. I wrap it like a burrito around the loaf.

Bread lasts on the kitchen bench for around a week this way, sliced as needed. The beeswax wraps let the bread breath a little, but not too much. This method maintains freshness without causing the bread to sweat or go mouldy.

how to store bread without plastic

I don’t store bread in the fridge – who has the space? – but I have gotten into the practice of slicing half a fresh loaf and storing in the freezer right away. For this I also use a beeswax wrap, or lately a large resealable plastic bag I acquired at a crop swap event. I’d rather use the plastic bag as long as possible instead of Redcycling it immediately. Any old plastic bag can be reused to store bread. Perhaps the title of the post should have been ‘how I store bread without new plastic’.

Bread is one of the most commonly wasted food items in Australia and around the world, but it needn’t be. If I ever end up with stale bread, I make bread pudding or chuck the crusts into the food processor to make crumbs.

What about you? How do you store your bread?

7 thoughts on “How I store bread without plastic

  1. Emily, why choose the beeswax only wrapper? Would rosin emit scents? I am thinking of making a wrap for my bread and still deciding whether to use your recipe with rosin

  2. Hi Liz, I was wondering why use beeswax-only wrap for bread, is the rosin wrap emitting scents? Thinking to make one, still deciding on buying rosin or not

    1. Hi Erina,

      It wasn’t a choice against rosin, more than I have tried and liked this large wrap that I made with beeswax only. I sometimes wrap the loaf without the cloth bag inside, and when I do it’s easy to brush away the crumbs. I think crumbs might stick to a rosin style wrap. Either way, I think the trick is to have a wrap large enough to wrap an entire loaf.

      Good luck 🙂

  3. Just seen this post but wanted to throw in my thoughts. I’ve found that a bread bin is best for storing bread and then once ‘cut’ I use a beeswax wrap to cover the end to extent the freshness. If it ever does go stale, it freezes really well for toast and also makes great breadcrumbs!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Now that you say it, I remember my mom having a bread bin. Maybe one day if we ever get more counter space that’ll be an idea.

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