Creativity and constraints

Creativity is merely resourcefulness amidst constraints.

Limitations then, are a way to practice creativity. Creativity is a muscle. So being faced with limitations can improve your life by showing you ways and methods you would otherwise not have considered.

  • How can I use all of these tomatoes from my garden?
  • What could I do with this old tee shirt?
  • What other uses might this empty glass jar have?
  • What else could I cook while the oven is up to temperature?
  • What are some groups that might be interested in taking my food scraps?
  • How long could I go without buying anything new?
  • What are some recipes for plant-based meals so tasty I won’t be asked, ‘where’s the meat?’
  • How little household waste can I produce and still live a fun and productive life?

What are your constraints? How are you deciding to being resourceful?

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