A few things

A few things that both pleased me and didn’t create any waste

Plastic Free July is kicking off soon. I’ll be on the panel at this event on 2 July if you’d like to say hello, or just catch The Clean Bin Project. Watching this film always makes me homesick for Vancouver. There are lots of other local activities listed here too.

Throwing back to the long weekend in May when we went against our normal instincts and headed north to the central coast. We were rewarded with perfect surf, 24 degree water temps and dolphins galore.

My shoes always wear out on the outer edges of the heels. $30 fixes my shoes, but not my gait.


Quick links and long reads

Random links, lately. 

I came across this article where Martha stewart talks about bringing food scraps home (she’s just like us!). Unrelated, she also keeps 30 pet canaries (similarities end).

Is it your cat trying to tell you something about indoor chemical pollution?

These dogs turned blue, and it’s not a good thing. The film River Blue goes into more detail on river pollution from the clothing industries.

Speaking of water pollution, researches have found a new way to treat water supplies to remove BPA.

Might the boom in coconut product consumption lead to more than a billion trees replanted?

Anthony Bourdain speaks up about Food waste in a new doco (clip below. Love him or hate him, we can always use another celeb speaking up against food waste, no?


Quick links and long reads

ocean trash

It’s a link rodeo. Here’s my roundup. 

Have you read or watched anything interesting this week? 

A few things

A few things that both pleased me and didn’t create any waste

I love sprouts, but hate the plastic packaging. With persistence, I’ve finally gotten the hang of sprouting at home. Perfect for Ottelenghi inspired salads.

The plums were a rescue from the work fridge. The eggplant is ‘ugly’ according to the supermarket I bought it from, and I foraged the passionfruit. Gleefully if you must know.

I finally visited Pocket City Farms in Camperdown. I went to collect my crowdfunding reward and check out the Crop Swap Sydney event. I didn’t have anything from my garden to swap, but still somehow left with armfuls of goodies from this generous group.