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I like my hair best after I’ve swum in the ocean and rinsed in an outdoor shower –  wavy and piece-y. Yet we’re nearly six months away from ideal Sydney swimming conditions. Many continue to swim daily through winter, but it’s called Icebergs for a reason, friends.

No matter – if you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to your hair. A bit of magnesium oil does the trick. I don’t do much or add much to my hair because I don’t have the patience. This trick passes muster by being only one ingredient and available in bulk. And for reminding me of summer!

Magnesium oil is magnesium chloride dissolved in water. The compound comes from seawater. I bought some in bulk because I thought I could apply it to my skin to absorb magnesium as a remedy for occasional nighttime anxiety. I’ve since learned that magnesium ions can’t be absorbed through the skin barrier, except perhaps minimally through hair follicles, so the benefit of magnesium oil on the skin is likely placebo. Taking magnesium orally is well studied for efficacy, and the method a medical doctor would recommend if you were actually magnesium deficient, which I’m mostly likely not. Live and learn.

zero waste
The texture I’m going for.

So instead I use the magnesium chloride to texturise my hair. The crystals liquified in the jar with no encouragement from me, saving me the trouble of dissolving them in water. I pour a small amount of this liquid into my palm and scrunch with my hands into the ends of either dried or nearly dried hair. The magnesium oil encourages the wave and adds definition and texture. For extra pizzazz I might tie my hair in a bun for a bit. A little goes a long way. I used to store the mix in a spray bottle, but the salt content rusted the metal parts. Oops.

4 thoughts on “Bulk store beach waves with magnesium oil

  1. I thought that the guy destroys much of the magnesium taken orally and it is absorbed much better dermally?

    1. Hi Amy,

      I’m definitely not a doctor (clearly, ha), which is why I asked one. I also had a look for studies, which are more credible than blogs or anyone trying to sell magnesium spray 😉 There are plenty showing that oral magnesium supplements work, none (credible) showing that transdermal does.

      If the stomach is destroying some of what we ingest, I’ve got to assume doctors are aware and the recommended dosage is adjusted to account for it. I found the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre to be a good primer for me to think more critically about ‘health’ info on the internet or even in mainstream news. He asks us to look for published, peer reviewed studies in reputable journals. Otherwise, the claims are probably junk. And my rule of thumb is that if I see the word detox thrown around, I’m out! Definitely have a look around to satisfy your curiosity though.

  2. Thanks Liz, I can’t remember now where I got my information from now as it was years ago but I will research further! And at least now I know what to do with my bottle of oil spray – hairdos!

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